Employment Arbitration

When an employment dispute arises, it can be frustrating and anxiety-producing to think about the best way to resolve it. There are numerous Federal, State and frequently Local Laws that govern the employment relationship. Going through litigation to resolve an employment law issues can be costly and lengthy in terms of both money and time. In the instance where you’d like to maximize time and still walk away with a legally binding solution, arbitration may be the answer. This option provides employees an option to resolve problems while reducing stress and making the most of everyone’s time.

Whether you are a New York employer or employee looking at an issue of shareholder oppression, retaliation, harassment or discrimination, arbitration can be an effective tool for you. In arbitration, a third party will review the facts of the case before issuing a binding decision. It’s more private than litigation and tends to resolve cases far more quickly. Many employees today are asked to sign arbitration agreements when they are hired, but this means that they should be assured that if a dispute arises with their employer they will appear before an experienced arbitrator. Hiring an arbitrator with a background in employment law is crucial.