Areas of Practice

Labor Arbitration

Parties to collective bargaining agreements have an ongoing relationship. When a dispute arises under a collective bargaining agreement, the parties want assurances that they are submitting their dispute to an experienced arbitrator. The arbitrator should be sensitive to the terms of the agreement and to the parties’ relationship.

Employment Arbitration

When an employment dispute arises, it can be frustrating and anxiety-producing to think about the best way to resolve it. There are numerous Federal, State and frequently Local Laws that govern the employment relationship. Going through litigation to resolve an employment law issues can be costly and lengthy in terms of both money and time.

Commercial Arbitration

If you have a commercial dispute, the terms of the contract might stipulate that any conflicts be resolved through arbitration. Arbitration has evolved as a form of alternative dispute resolution that has helped numerous parties resolve their cases in complex business and other matters.

Civil Mediation

Many times, litigation is not the best avenue for addressing civil claims that could be resolved more quickly, creatively and effectively through the use of mediation. In mediation, a third party neutral New York mediator sits down with both parties to understand their positions first.